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Horsehair imitation  bre is considered a soft to moderately sti  material that o ers good texture and resilience. Horsehair withstands water and moisture and may be used pure or blended with other materials.
The soft texture of the  bre makes it ideal for cleaning smooth  oors. It is commonly used for scratchless cleaning of highly polished areas. Ideal for hardwood  oors.
Recommended on smooth surfaces indoors.
Polystyrene is a synthetic  bre. The  bre withstands moisture and has excellent wearing properties.
When the ends are  agged, the styrene allows for more  ne dust retention. Ideal for smooth surfaces and hardwood  oors.
Recommended when using strong solvents.
Tampico is a very resistant material, but with a very  ne, delicate and smooth texture. It has abrasive qualities which makes it ideal for sweeping applications. The  bre is extremely strong and hard-wearing, and is resistant to attack by many chemical solutions and solvents. Being a natural  bre it has excellent anti-static properties, degrades completely naturally with no harm to the environment and is harvested from a completely renewable source.
Recommended for wet or dry applications that are resistant to acids and alkalines.
PVC has excellent resistance to most substances, including hydrocarbons (such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel), oils, cleaning solutions, and alkali. It is however attacked by oxidizing agents, organic and mineral acids, and aromatic alcohols. It will absorb small amounts of water.
Recommended in a hospital environment or in the foodservice industry.
The most important polyester is polyethylene terephthalate, PET for short. PET  bre is one of the most widely produced synthetic  bres. It has excellent wet sti ness and  ex fatigue resistance. Maintains good sweeping in cold and hot environments.
Recommended for abrasive scrubbing when using sweeping compounds.
Palmyra Fibre or Bassine as is more commonly known is very strong and hard-wearing, making it ideally suitable for semi-sti  sweeping brooms. It is also suited to the manufacture of scrub brushes.
It degrades completely naturally, with no harm to the environment, and is harvested from a renewable source, making it one of the “greenest”  bres available.
It has good resistance to friction and heat, and will withstand many chemicals and solvents.
Recommended for outdoor use (wet or dry)

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